TruVoice for sales

let your buyers coach your sellers

Uncover the truth behind your team’s wins, losses, and no decisions with automated buyer feedback from each opportunity. See how each seller’s performance influenced your buyer’s decision and provide just-in-time, personalized coaching on the key skills each seller needs to win more.

stop losing winnable deals

Did you know that over 70% of the time, your seller will give a different reason for a win or loss than their buyer?  

When your seller loses a deal, they’ll likely cite the reason as something outside of their control—like price or lack of product features.   

But when you ask buyers the same question, they primarily attribute losses to things within your sellers’ control—like a misstep in the sales process or sales experience.  

If you can’t identify these missteps quickly and accurately, how can you coach your sellers with the right skills, in the right areas, at the right time?  

You need accurate data to find your sellers’ blind spots. And you need to know what skills to coach to fix them.   

With TruVoice, you can provide your sellers with just-in-time situational sales coaching, powered by their buyer feedback.  

get buyer-based sales intelligence

You can’t rely on your seller’s opinion to understand why they win or lose. And, you don’t have time to sift through mountains of call recordings to find coaching opportunities. You need immediate, accurate insight—from your buyer’s perspective—that pinpoints exactly where each rep needs to be coached to improve performance. With TruVoice, you’ll receive ongoing, detailed buyer feedback from each sales opportunity in key areas that matter most to buyers when purchasing. This buyer-based sales intelligence drives personalized, just-in-time coaching opportunities at scale for each seller and continuous performance monitoring.

fix seller missteps immediately

analyze feedback from every opportunity

Automatically collect and analyze buyer feedback as each opportunity is closed in your CRM. Receive a deal and rep report card to help you understand the reason behind a significant percentage of wins, losses, and no decisions.

share buyer insights directly with sellers

Instantly share deal-by-deal, automated email alerts to your reps as soon as client feedback is available. Prompt sellers to review their personal feedback and see the missteps, strengths, and weaknesses identified by their buyers.

deliver personalized, just-in-time coaching

Provide immediate access to digestible, just-in-time, personalized skills coaching content based on the identified areas of seller weakness and direct managers tor ep- specific coaching recommendations.

monitor and optimize performance

Quickly see how each sales rep improves their performance in those affected areas by monitoring and measuring score changes and outcomes on all future deals, while identifying ongoing training and enablement needs.​

personalized sales coaching at scale

As you receive a continuous stream of buyer feedback from your opportunities, you’ll uncover rep-specific coaching, training, and enablement opportunities.  

With TruVoice, you can increase the impact, retention, and absorption of sales coaching by delivering personalized, just-in-time coaching in the moment your rep is ready to learn.   

Provide automated coaching to your reps, focused on their unique strengths and weakness as identified by their buyers. 

uncover the whole story

Your seller only spends a fraction of the buyer’s journey with your buyer, which means there are many buying conversations your seller is not invited to.  

If you’re only looking at call recordings to understand your sales interactions, you’re only hearing part of the story.  

Tie the perspective you receive from specific sales calls with actual buyer feedback from across the entire decision-making process.  

With TruVoice, you can see quickly see the exact moments in your sales conversations that influenced your buyer’s decision—for better or worse—without having to listen to an entire call recording.  

grow revenue

With TruVoice, you’ll receive a continuous, real-time stream of buyer feedback that informs your sales coaching, sales enablement, and revenue growth strategies. Your buyers will tell you exactly what you are doing right or wrong when it comes to winning their business. Insights you can use to:

  • Increase new business win rates
  • Overcome and revive “No Decisions”
  • Increase average deal size
  • Identify expansion opportunities
  • Improve retention rates