about us


TruVoice, a Corporate Visions product, is backed by 23 years of B2B win-loss and customer experience analysis experience. TruVoice was created and developed by the team at Primary Intelligence (acquired by Corporate Visions in 2023) to provide B2B go-to-market teams with a scalable, comprehensive way to collect, analyze, and categorize buyer and customer feedback for all deals in your CRM.

Primary Intelligence has developed the best technology, methodologies, and strategies to help B2B go-to-market teams uncover truth within their deal universe.

When Primary Intelligence was acquired by Corporate Visions in March of 2023, we knew we’d be creating something epic. Together, we’ve combined the powerful insights in TruVoice with the science-backed sales training from Corporate Visions. TruVoice is the premier sales coaching engine that provides automated buyer and customer feedback, science-backed sales training, and just-in-time, situational enablement at speed and scale.