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find and fix your seller's blind spots that cause you to lose winnable deals

“It’s like a fitness tracker for sales!”

new automated customer feedback and sales training system
radically transforms sales rep coaching and enablement

53% of your lost deals are winnable,
according to your buyers.

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Experience the first-ever automated customer feedback and sales training system.

move from just-in-case to just-in-time coaching and training

Your revenue team needs real-time insights on sales execution, competitors, and rep performance to increase win rates. With TruVoice, the purpose-built platform for sales experience, win-loss, and customer experience analysis, you empower each sales rep with personalized, buyer-based sales intelligence from every opportunity.  

Your sellers then automatically receive the right science-backed sales training from Corporate Visions based on their individual strengths and weaknesses. 

how it works

improved sales strategy

Understand your buyer needs, improve sales positioning, and understand deal outcomes–overall and for each of your reps. 

personalized coaching

Identify opportunities for personalized coaching for each of your reps backed by examples, insights, and buyer feedback directly from their deals.


Determine how buyers perceive your competitive strengths and weaknesses and empower your reps to speak confidently against competitor claims. 

more winnable

Discover which of your deals were actually winnable and exactly how they could have been won. Better predict your pipeline, close rates, and revenue.

stop losing winnable deals with TruVoice

More than half of your lost deals were winnable due to sales missteps.

Relying on seller-supplied decision feedback can lead you astray.

Automated buyer decision-making feedback at scale makes the difference.

Rep-specific scorecards show how customers rate rep performance across eight core skills.

Customer feedback is captured, and actual call recordings are clipped and packaged for each skill report card.

Custom coaching and skills training content is served up instantly, in the flow of work to help fix problem areas.

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science-backed. revenue forward.

Insight without action is futile. As TruVoice collects and analyzes your deal feedback, you’ll uncover each rep’s strengths and weaknesses. With this new insight, TruVoice will match your sales reps with the right sales training from Corporate Visions, so your reps know how and where to improve to impact win rates. 

Corporate Visions, the leader in revenue growth services, provides your team with the skills they need to build sales confidence and increase sales effectiveness.  

TruVoice by Corporate Visions is your automated sales coaching engine–configured specifically for your team!