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If you want to drive enterprise revenue growth, you must be able to quickly find and fix blind spots only your buyers can see.

Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win, but you need the complete story to accurately diagnose the missteps causing you to lose deals and customers.

With TruVoice, the automated buyer feedback and coaching system, you’ll get continuous, real-time insight into your wins, losses, no decisions, and customer experience to drive your entire revenue strategy.

And, you’ll receive just-in-time recommendations and coaching so you can fix win rate issues, faster.

buyer-based intelligence

Get automated, in-depth buyer feedback and insights from every deal to inform your entire go-to-market strategy.

just-in-time coaching

Provide your sellers with automated, just-in-time training—powered by feedback from their buyers.

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Your buyers will tell you what it takes to win more opportunities, but traditional methods of collecting buyer feedback only provide you with partial data into a portion of your deals. With TruVoice, you can visualize your complete win-loss story, giving your entire organization clear guidance, real-time feedback, and actionable recommendations.

TruVoice informs your go-to-market strategy and sales execution from start to finish.

Give each rep a personalized coaching experience based on their buyer feedback from every deal. Train your reps in the key areas that will help them improve win rates immediately.
Serve science-backed enablement and training to your sellers as soon as they receive feedback from their last deal. Bridge the gap between insight and impact and provide real-time remediation for sellers’ missteps.
Determine what product features and functionality matter most to your buyers. Develop a customer-centric product roadmap that will help you win and retain customers.
Identify at-risk accounts early and receive detailed feedback from your customers that provides insight beyond NPS and CSAT. Use this insight to improve customer experience, remediate service missteps, and prevent customer churn.
See which accounts are primed for upsell and cross-sell to grow existing account revenue and strengthen your customer relationships.
Tune into your buyer feedback to discover how you should position your solution so that it resonates with your buyers.
Find out how your buyers perceive competitors in your space. Learn why buyers choose (or don’t choose) your solution. Identify emerging competitors your buyers are evaluating.
Understand how you are priced against competitors and how your pricing truly influences your win rates.

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