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“After 3 months of an active sales cycle we were notified that [the buyer] was going with a competitor. That prompted our win-loss analysis process to launch... We conducted an online interview [with that buyer]. From a deal closing--lost--to a deal won, 32 days transpired...That was really how powerful that context was from what other buyers had said.”

Rob F. 
SPS Commerce

revenue leaders

As a revenue leader, you must be able to coach and enable your reps in real-time and at scale. It’s impossible to shadow every call or review every sales interaction – and even if you did, you’d only be getting part of the story. Use TruVoice to understand your team’s wins, losses, and no decisions from the buyer’s perspective – overall, by segment, and by sales rep. With this new insight, you can personalize sales coaching based on each rep’s strengths and weaknesses.

use truvoice to:

  • Uncover rep-level strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalize sales coaching and training
  • Increase win rates and revenue this quarter

sales enablement

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where your sellers need to be enabled. As Uncovers your sales reps’ strengths and weaknesses–according to buyers–with TruVoice! With this new insight, you can create an effective sales enablement strategy that is sure to increase win rates. You’ll see buyer-based insights around competitors, sales experience and execution, company perception, and more that will guide your sales enablement and prescribe sales training based on your team’s unique needs.

use truvoice to:

  • Provide impactful sales enablement
  • Measure sales effectiveness
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses
“Unless you have a clear picture of what’s going on [in your sales experience] and know how your sales team is feeling, you’re going to be making the wrong investments and prioritizing the wrong things.”

Justin T. 

“[I] have never used a more in-depth solution for obtaining feedback on an opportunity whether it is a win, loss, or no decision. The ability to match a survey with an actual interview with the buyer's perspective is an incredible feature. Then tying this to what the seller thought was the comparison reasons brings a new sense of reality to the overall opportunity picture.”

David C. 

product marketing

As a product marketer, you’re likely involved in market research, win-loss, and messaging strategy. You may also be heavily involved with sales enablement or tasked with taking your research and making it actionable for your sales team. Product marketers are key players when it comes to revenue growth, and with TruVoice, you’ll be served the buyer-based insights you need to create better buying experiences, improve product-market fit, and increase competitive advantages.

use truvoice to:

  • Understand your buyer needs
  • Stay ahead of competitors
  • Align go-to-market initiative