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TruVoice Sales and Marketing Intelligence Blind spots

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TruVoice fully automates what is otherwise a tedious and time consuming process. Our Competitive Intelligence team conducts a quarterly Win/Loss Analysis and Buyer Evaluation Survey where we analyze hundreds to thousands of deals each quarter, and manually invite hundreds of buyers to participate in our survey after a win or a loss.
Holly J.
"[The TruVoice team] take data seriously. They understand that their job is not over when the report is delivered -- they work with me to tease out the most critical insights and turn them into action plans."
Jay L.
"One of the best things about [TruVoice] is that information is constantly being updated. For example, saved filters will auto-update, which means we're always seeing the latest information."
Carolyn K Headshot TruVoice Customer Testimonial
Carolyn K.
"TruVoice has been instrumental in helping us gain a deeper understanding of our customers' needs and concerns. Through their advanced analysis of survey responses and social media comments, we have gained invaluable insights that are driving better decision-making and continuous improvement of our services."
Kyle H Headshot TruVoice Customer Testimonial
Kyle H.
The amount of data available in the TruVoice tool is groundbreaking. Truvoice just doesn't help the sales teams to better understand the products and markets but also helps Research analysts, and competitive intelligence consultants like us understand the product better and create a strategy around our products.
Vinayaka A TruVoice Customer
Vinayaka A.
"[TruVoice] allows us to identify areas of strength and areas that require improvement in our sales and customer service conversations."
Kevin C Headshot TruVoice Customer Testimonial
Kevin C.
"[TruVoice] helps me get honest feedback from my clients about my sales skills."
Scott G.
"TruVoice provides highly accurate information that can be immediately utilized. It seamlessly integrates with our other applications, improving the efficiency of customer relationship management."
Jodette F.
"TruVoice has been instrumental in helping our business uncover invaluable insights from customer conversations. By analyzing these interactions, we gain a deep understanding of customer sentiment and can make improvements to our responses accordingly."
Tori G.
"TruVoice's real-time data visualization provides a complete view of customer sentiments. The ability to instantly access feedback patterns has been invaluable in adjusting our approach as necessary."
Sarah V Headshot TruVoice Customer Testimonial
Sarah V.
"I appreciate how TruVoice from Corporate Visions enables us to gain valuable insights into our customers' thoughts. By collecting feedback during customer interactions, our team is empowered to make more informed decisions that benefit our business."
Kamil B Headshot TruVoice Customer Testimonial
Kamil B.
The win loss program through [TruVoice] has been very insightful because it allows us to better understand the different buyers and personas that we target, including buyer pain points and benefits they are seeking from a relationship intelligence solution. Having buyer feedback through verbatim transcripts allows our teams to understand in detail what buyers are looking for and how we can address their needs.
Cara P.
I really value the summary survey data to help us understand the macro picture (primary themes) of why we win and why we lose. But this is also supplemented by the interviews which add the kind of color you simply won't get from other channels - especially for the losses. Prospects are surprisingly willing to share feedback - you just have to ask! And it helps to funnel that feedback through an impartial 3rd party.
Chris V.