TruVoice for customer experience

see the retention reality beyond NPS

NPS and other baseline customer satisfaction scores won’t tell you how to keep or expand your customers. If you want to significantly reduce churn and drive revenue growth, you need a continuous flow of insights throughout the customer experience. 

With TruVoice, you’ll receive automated, detailed customer feedback so you can identify and save at-risk accounts, grow customer revenue, and strengthen customer relationships. 

uncover experience blind spots

Customer success is really re-selling. You must constantly win their business. But without detailed insight into how your customers perceive their experience with your team and the value of your solution, you won’t know what adjustments to keep their business. 

TruVoice provides detailed feedback to help uncover blind spots and missteps in your customer experience. You can also provide your account team with just-in-time coaching based on those insights to prevent churn, strengthen relationships, and grow account revenue. 

“TruVoice helps us ensure our customers never have a reason to leave us”
Penny Quellar
Chief Customer Officer, Impellam

measure, monitor, and modify your customers’ journey

Automatically trigger feedback to be collected during influential points in the customer journey and lifecycle.
Automatically collect customer feedback using dynamic, science-backed, tested and proven online or live interviews.
Automatically analyze and categorize your customer feedback into insight-rich reports and dashboards.
See quantitative and qualitative insights from your customers to inform your customer experience and growth initiatives.
Easily share insights with your team and provide recommendations that drive renewal rate increases and account expansion.

inform customer experience initiatives

Your customers will tell you what it takes to keep their business. With TruVoice, you can easily share insights with your stakeholders through built-in, one-click reports and dashboards. You can use this feedback to inform your customer experience strategy, expand your accounts, and reduce churn. 

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Read and listen to your customer feedback—word for word—to help you gather additional context around their experience.
Understand exactly what drives excellent and poor experiences for your customers—by overall, by segment, and by representative.
Understand how competitors may be trying to win your customer’s business and speak confidently to competitive claims in renewal discussions.

remediate service issues in real time

TruVoice provides in-depth insight into how your customer experience is impacting unwanted churn. As your customers provide detailed feedback, TruVoice delivers just-in-time, science-backed coaching content and recommendations to help your account teams quickly find and fix any blind spots in the customer relationship. 

keep and grow customer relationships

With TruVoice, you’ll receive a continuous, stream of customer feedback that gives clarity into how you can provide the best service to your customers.  

You can leverage this insight to:  

  • Create better customer experiences 
  • Identify at-risk accounts early 
  • Grow existing account revenue 
  • Have impactful business reviews 
  • Improve renewal rates